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The Stoneman Murders Movie Review

Posted by bollywoodcinemagallery on February 22, 2009


Manish Gupta has touched upon a very interesting subject and perhaps something very tricky for the Mumbai Police force. He dwells on the murders, which took place in Bombay in the early 1980s between Sion and Matunga. At the site of every murder, there was a huge stone found by the investigating officers. After nine such murders the killings stopped. A few years later, similar killings were reported in Calcutta. While the police files have termed these murders as ‘unsolved’, the director has nailed the culprit. Is this cinematic liberty or plain fact? Also, the reasons for the Calcutta murders have been touched upon giving ample evidence of the truth. So will the files now be reopened? Just a thought!

To Manish’s credit, he sets up chilling scenes to replicate the time and moment. There is an air of dread in the night when the killer stalks the streets of Bombay and suspended police officer Sanjay Shelar (Kay Kay Menon) is given the go-ahead to conduct a parallel investigation by his superior. Shelar has been suspended because of custodial death, and thinks he knows something and he even forewarns his superior about more such killing.
As the film progresses his colleagues in the force suspect him of being the killer as on a few occasions he has been found near the site of the killings and on one occasion he is seen helping a victim and given chase.

In hiding now, Shelar informs his superiors that there will be another killing (the ninth) and they will then stop. He has read up on some ancient voodoo rituals and is convinced that this is the work of some ill-informed person misguided by a tantric to cure his impotency.



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